Eventing Podcast Preview Show: Le Lion D’Angers 2016

As the last major event of the season we cannot wait to see the future stars shine on the Championship stage for the very first time.

Sam comes to us live from Le Lion with special guests Jonelle Price and Chris Burton, both of whom have strong chances this weekend. We hear more about their mounts and Sam’s Golfing exploits (he might mention the fact that he beat Burto & Tim Price once or twice).

Jenni Autry, the Queen of Eventing Nation, joins us to give us her insight into the Championships and an incredible stat on the quality of the stars on show. We also talk about Diarm’s pajamas and his continued love of Maxime Livio.

Who do you think will win? Let us know! Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook using #eventingpodcast.

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