About EquiRatings

EquiRatings delivers unique data, safety, analysis and event services to the equestrian industry.

Today, every major professional organisation and team are using analytics to drive strategies on and off the field. EquiRatings is the world’s first dedicated equestrian data science company. We package, analyse and distribute equestrian data to bring insight to federations and teams around the world.

Using unique EquiRatings algorithms and systems, EquiRatings assess prior results, course strength and rider form to determine the outcome of future events. Our ERQI service uses these tools very effectively to measure and manage risk in eventing.

The popularity of data-driven decision making has trickled down to equestrian fans. Our media packs allow for more innovative broadcast coverage, and huge content banks for event and rider promotion.

EquiRatings’ clients include national and international federations, international broadcasters and Olympic High Performance teams.