All Four One – Oliver Townend

All Four One: Spotlight on Total Leaderboard Domination

To take the win in any international class is a notable achievement, but to win and also take four of the total spots in the top six is nothing short of total domination. Since 2010 there have been five occasions when a ride has accomplished this feat, with one rider managing it twice.

table four in 6

Ingrid Klimke was the first since EquiRatings started tracking this trend in 2010, taking 1st through 3rd places and also finishing 6th in the CIC2* at Bredeneek in Germany:

1st – FRH Butts Abraxxas, 52.5
2nd – RF Tabasco, 54.9
3rd – SAP Escada FRH, 55.7
6th – Horseware Hale Bob OLD, 59.3

Marilyn Little was the next to pull it off, taking all four of the top spots on the leaderboard at the Poplar Place CIC3* in Georgia, USA. It’s notable that she is the only rider to have achieved this at three-star level:

1st – RF Demeter, 50.9
2nd – RF Overdressed, 52.1
3rd – RF West Indie, 52.2
4th – RF Quarterman, 56.4

(Marilyn very nearly took all five of the top spots on the leaderboard before an early exit in show jumping with division leader RF Scandalous.)

Brazilian Olympian Marcio Carvalho Jorge was next in his home country at Colina CIC2*:

1st – Coronel MCJ, 50.6
2nd – Lissy Mac Wayer, 56.2
4th – JCR Winner, 72.8
5th – LF Couer de Orame, 74.3

Then Marcio pulled it off again this year at Ribeirao Preto CIC2* in Brazil:

1st – Quaint Normand, 49.8
3rd – Lissy Mac Wayer, 59.5
4th – Coronel MCJ, 60.4
6th – SL Belly, 70.8

Oliver Townend most recently accomplished the feat at Somerford Park CIC2* in a massive class of 72, which makes the result all the more impressive:

1st – Note Worthy, 37.8
2nd – MHS King Joules, 38.6
4th – Ulises, 47.0
6th – Ballaghmor Class, 48.4

Who will be the next?

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