A Message from Gear Fisher, OnForm Co-Founder

Wednesday 1st April 2020
Author: Diarm Byrne

Gear Fisher on EquiRatings OnForm

A few days ago, we announced our partnership with OnForm and the the release of the EquiRatings OnForm app.  Here is a message from Gear Fisher, OnForm Co-Founder:

When we started OnForm, the vision was to bring new technologies to skill sports in order to make video feedback and structured training accessible and useful. Having spent the last 20 years building TrainingPeaks, I was very familiar with the coach-athlete communication loop of creating a plan, doing structured training, getting feedback and repeating it until mastery. My daughter started riding horses a few years ago, and I was surprised to learn this loop didn't seem to exist. Coaching was very much by feel, with little structured data or planning to go along with it. I did more research and was introduced to a team in Dublin, Ireland who had been using terminology that I was very familiar with, like "marginal gains" and "structured training" etc. I had to meet them to discuss the ideas I'd been having around building a video feedback platform for coaches and athletes. I believed that for learning a skill, video was similar to a GPS file for runners, in that it was something around which a coach and athlete could have a conversation about how to improve. We quickly developed a great friendship as we spoke a similar language about athlete development and what coaching and progress could look like. I'm happy to announce a formal partnership between EquiRatings and OnForm to introduce our platform to equestrians everywhere. We've worked with their team to ensure the needs of equestrians are met with our coaching and video analysis tools, for remote or in-person usage, an example of which is below:


Look for much more to be announced and developed from this partnership, as we look to educate trainers and riders around the world on the possibility of remote coaching, development from taking a careful, structured approach to training, and making the most of the special bond between rider and horse.

Learn more by visiting EquiRatings and downloading OnForm today!


Gear Fisher

Visit our OnForm Knowledge Hub for more information and FAQs.

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