The Sub 28 Finish

by Sam Watson on 03 June 2019

The newly-crowned FEI world number one, Tim Price, capitalised on optimal scoring conditions at Tattersalls to register...

What is EquiRatings?

EquiRatings is a sports data company for equestrian sports.

Show Jumping Influence

by Sam Watson on 25 February 2019

Let’s qualify this quote. From 2014 to 2017 there were 2,650 international events and 69% of them were won with a clear...

How Low Can You Go?

by Sean Murray on 01 January 2019

The drop in dressage marks is a global trend.

New year, new me. A time for setting the season targets. Is it time to set...

The Six Run Average (6RA)

by Sean Murray on 19 December 2018

A starting point for getting better at something is to measure where you currently are. If you can measure it, you can...