OnForm brings the team together, wherever they are.

Message & manage your crew with OnForm Workspaces

OnForm Workpaces are channels you create for the people in your equestrian life.

  • Each workspace is the place where you communicate and share files, videos, and pictures with the people in that workspace.
  • Create as many workspaces as you like.
    Maybe you want a workspace for your lesson students or team athletes.
  • Create groups within a workspace.
    Put your upper-level students into one group to arrange group lessons and share exercises while keeping your cross-rail kids (and their parents) in a different group.
  • From each workspace, you can message and share files with either everyone in the workspace, a select group, or an individual.
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Organise all your files in OnForm Libraries

Each workspace has a library to store all your photos, videos, and documents.  No more camera roll confusion or wondering where in the world you saved that file.

  • Libraries are searchable. You can name everything you put in there, including videos, so you can find it all with one keyword search later on.
  • Store example exercises (videos, pictures, or documents) for easy sharing whenever needed.
  • Store and share lesson schedules, show schedules, cross-training plans, consent forms. All your work files in one place.
  • Share it all with whoever needs it, with just a few clicks.
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Instruct from anywhere with OnForm Video Analysis

Give meaningful feedback on the video clips that your students and athletes are collecting. State-of-the-art tools allow precise instruction even when you're not there.

  • Record your voiceover comments
  • Illustrate using the drawing tools
  • Prove your point using side-by-side and overlay comparison
  • Take a careful look using frame-by-frame scrubbing

Streamlined analysis and sharing:

  • You and your athletes can swap videos from the workspace. 
  • You analyse the videos right in the app and share back to your crew.
  • No more disjointed markup and sharing using multiple apps.

Watch a 30-second clip of the tools in action (sound on!) or watch the full 2-minute tour here.

OnForm Tour - with audio - FINAL - Clip of Feedback Tools Only

2-minute OnForm tour

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