EquiRatings OnForm is the all-in-one app designed to help equestrians get organised and get more done.

This page is designed as the OnForm hub connecting you to the why, what, and how of OnForm and the resources you need to learn more.

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About OnForm

Why OnForm?

EquiRatings OnForm was created to help equestrians get more done and train smarter. Learn how the app helps coaches and athletes communicate, organise and analyse.

How OnForm helps equestrians

Features of OnForm

Tools like workspaces, libraries, and video analysis are game-changers to help equestrians save time, stay sane, and train smart. Learn about the specific assets that OnForm puts right at your fingertips.

The OnForm tools


EquiRatings OnForm meets equestrians where they are with affordable pricing for individuals, coaches, teams, academies and large organisations

OnForm Plans and Prices

Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

If you are interested in using OnForm but have your doubts or just don't know where to start, we understand. Thankfully, we interviewed an equestrian coach who uses OnForm. She touches on all her initial doubts and what her very first steps were.

FAQs getting started video


iOS, Android, and tech

EquiRatings OnForm was first released for iOS which offers the full, powerful functionality. A full Android version is in the works and the Android Athlete edition already available. Find out the answers to all your iOS and Android questions here plus more.

FAQs about iOS, Android, and tech

Subscriptions and profiles

Learn about the flexibility of subscriptions, how it works if you coach multiple teams, setting up your profile, and more.

FAQs about subscriptions and profiles

Using the tools

Using the features of any app can come with some questions. Here are some answers about OnForm video sharing, analysis tools, legal considerations and more.

FAQs about videos, voiceover, markup, and more

Insurance considerations

How does coaching with OnForm work with insurance? 

FAQ about OnForm and insurance