Our Risk Management Philosophy

Performance vs Participation

Equestrian sports can generally be divided into two categories which we call participation (amateur) and performance (professional). How we manage risk in those two categories can be quite different and our philosophy is to manage risk while allowing performance to reach new heights. Many risk management measures such as fence design and speed limits apply to the entire population (and therefore in some cases will unfairly restrict or limit the performance of some, and will allow others to skip through the net). We use custom ratings, based on horse performance, to help highlight to federations the small percentile of their populations which need additional risk measures in place.

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Our Approach

Measure & Manage

Many clients don’t know their current risk levels which obviously becomes the first step. First, we must measure, then we can manage. We help our clients talk in quantifiable metrics because this is the first step to defining objectives. Expressions such as ‘losing weight’, ‘winning gold’ and ‘reducing risk’ usually fail to reach targets either effectively or efficiently. Know what you are trying to achieve through measurement, then together, we provide the tools to manage our way to that goal.

Our Strategy

Marginal Gains

Risk management will almost never be limited to one single area. We help our clients manage several different aspects gradually in order to make a larger overall gain. Identifying the significant risk factors is the first step in a marginal gains strategic plan. Each risk factor is quantified using metrics and then assessed with regards to its significance as a contributing factor towards risk.

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