Activate our key risk metric

Unlock the National Cross Country Performance Indicator (NXCPI) for your members. The NXCPI is a cross country risk rating which helps riders and owners make good, informed decisions.

Features of the NXCPI:
  • Transparent – athletes can see why they are rated a certain way.
  • Goes beyond the quantity of runs to get to the quality of runs.
  • Every horse has a different NXCPI for each level of competition.
  • Updated after each competition a horse attempts.
  • Carefully developed by data science and eventing experts.

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Access your custom dashboard

A risk dashboard will be created for your federation. This allows officials or members to:

  • Access an overview of your federation's risk metrics by level, by year and by show.
  • Integrate any reverse-qualification (RQ) system you currently use and see who is reverse-qualified under your RQ system.
  • Navigate the NXCPI rating for each horse for each level of competition (members are only allowed to access their own horses).
  • See the NXCPI rating (and any red flags) for each entrant in an upcoming show
  • See all the previous results on which each rating is based.

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Report to stakeholders

Your federation will receive an annual risk report with a summary of the year’s risk metrics and trend analyses. We also address bespoke requests, such as:

  • Reports to support strategic planning and funding.
  • Specialised analyses and research to answer your specific questions, whenever needed (e.g. exploring potential risk factors, investigating a certain month with seemingly high incident-rates, etc.)
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