OnForm FAQs about the Tools

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How long can OnForm videos be?

There is no max length but here's what works best.

There is no time limit for videos in OnForm. However, the app ensures high quality resolution which means longer videos will be much slower to upload because the file sizes will be very large.

We've also found it most useful to focus on a specific skill to improve, rather than, say, reviewing an entire dressage test. For this reason, we suggest videos under 5 minutes and, optimally, videos which are 30 sec to 2 minutes become easier to manage, easier to provide specific feedback on, and are ultimately better for your clients to consume.

Generally, we'd suggest a 15 minute max, but there is no actual time limit.


What video file types are supported by OnForm?

OnForm supports .mp4 and .mov video files and also supports many other file types like .pdf and Word documents, etc.  Everything is stored, labeled, organised and searchable in your OnForm Library.


Tips for video uploading

Here are some best practices for making sure your client's videos get to you as the coach.

This is an area to develop some success tactics with your clients to make sure all videos reach you. Here are some top tips.

  1. Be on a Reliable Network

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important for video uploads to be made from a reliable WiFi/network connection.

    If a video has not successfully uploaded or the client has their settings to upload only on WiFi, OnForm will try again later. But, where possible, try to be on a reliable network when uploading videos.
  2. Keep the videos pretty short

    OnForm does not have a time limit on videos, but for easy uploading and impactful coach review, shorter videos are key to maximise the feedback loop. Keeping videos to a few minutes is best.
  3. Look out for an "uploaded" symbol

    • If you see an incomplete circle in the lower right corner of your uploading video, then the video is still uploading.

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    • If you see a cloud image, your video has been uploaded successfully.

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    • If you don't see either of these. Go ahead and attempt this upload again!


Can the video be taken on a phone camera or does it have to be something else?

Yes, video is typically recorded right from a phone and can even be captured directly within the app. The video can also be imported from an external camera (or sent to you by a friend) and saved to the phone's camera roll, where it can then be imported into OnForm.


We don't support any live webcam streams such as Zoom or Skype. Our focus is really on non-live training video where you and your coach can access that video anytime after a lesson to analyse, assess, receive feedback (using the voiceover, drawing and comparison tools), and learn through re-watching.

Tip: To make video sharing even easier, someone (like a parent) can capture the video on their device and easily save that video directly into a shared OnForm Workspace!



What is the best way to use the voiceover tool when giving feedback?

Here are 5 top tips to make the most of the voiceover tool for audio and visual feedback.

The cornerstone of the OnForm feedback loop is the voiceover tool. The voiceover tool is how you leave audio and visual instruction for your clients. It enables you to record over the video, offering feedback either in real speed or through a frame by frame analysis.

Here are 5 top tips to make feedback easy & effective for you & your clients:

Also available as a quick recording here: 

5 Tips for OnForm Voiceover Recording

  1. When you are recording a voiceover make sure you turn down the audio on your own device as you play the video back.

    When you first watch the video you can listen with the audio turned up but when you’re recording your own feedback, turning down the volume on your device will mean that your audio is clean and clear to your client.
  2. When recording your voiceover make sure that you record it in the same orientation as the video you are giving feedback on.

    If the original video is in portrait, then record your voiceover in portrait. If the video was sent in landscape then just flip your device to record in landscape. This helps to use the maximum amount of the screen and prevents any cropping when you send the video back to your client.
  3. You can use the drawing tools at any time as you record the voice over.
    OnForm can record your voice while you use any drawing tools available, enabling you to continue to speak when the video is paused and you are drawing on the screen to enhance your explanation. You can stop to use the drawing tools and then restart again as many times as you like throughout your voiceover.
  4. Take advantage of the zoom facility to offer optimum insight into the video.
    You can pinch to zoom into the video and then pan to move the image around, all while recording your voice.
  5. Keep your feedback message focused and short.
    By focusing on specific areas and offering concise feedback you’ll be giving your clients the targeted feedback they need to continue to improve. By keeping videos to under 10 minutes you’ll also help to keep the video sizes smaller which means quicker upload speeds, bonus!


Will I lose the original audio in videos when I do a voiceover?

No, OnForm voiceover does not override the original audio. Two important things to note on this topic:

  1. OnForm does not alter the original video. When you do a voiceover, or any markup, it creates a new, separate video for the marked-up version.
  2. For voiceover specifically, your voiceover audio will be heard on top of the original audio. The volume of the original audio will be significantly lowered to avoid distraction.


What is the video compare and overlay feature on OnForm?

OnForm has many different features to improve you coaching feedback. Being able to compare and overlay videos is just one of them.

This video by Sam Watson shows you how impactful the side by side comparison and overlay features can be when it comes to student understanding and visualisation. This is just one example, get creative!


How do I share one of my videos from one person (or Workspace) to another?

In this 2-minute video, Sam Watson shows you how to share your videos between people or Workspaces in OnForm. He also mentions how to share externally.

Tip: long-pressing on a video shows you a sub-menu that includes your sharing options.


Head to our EquiRatings OnForm Knowledge Hub to learn more or book a free demo.