EquiRatings Horse of the Year: The Story So Far

So…its causing a bit of a stir…and we haven’t even reached the final four. First of all, if you are wondering how these 12 made the shortlist (and how the group were formed), it was all decided on the latest episode of the Eventing Podcast (Listen here).

Group 1

As it stands:

La Biosthetique Sam FBW 27%

Don Geniro 45%

Mighty Nice 28%

Twitter voting is a funny thing. Firstly, Twitter is blocked in China and my inbox is full of requests from China to run the poll on a medium they can access…so if you think #TheDon has a big lead now!! Happy is beating Sam and The Don is beating them both. Is this real life? We should have learned our lesson at Bramham to stop underestimating him. It would serve us right if he ends up the #ERHOTY. Don Geniro looks like he is heading for the final.

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Group 2

As it stands:

Mr Bass 36%

Nereo 16%

Mulry’s Error 48%

Another poll that is absolutely on its’ head. If Sam Watson is put out by the Don beating the double Olympic champion, my heart breaks at the thought of Mulry beating Mr Bass. Great story, but surely not the horse a data company can have winning! Still…its a democracy…and you continue to vote for him. If he wins, poor Nicole Brown will lose her job. With a couple of days to go, Mulry looks to be heading to the final. Madness.

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Group 3

As it stands:

FischerRocanna FST 70%

Qalao des Mers 10%

Balmoral Sensation 20%

Not much to report here. She is too often an unsung hero and will bring a touch of class to the final. She looks to be safely on her way.

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Group 4

As it stands:

Upsilon 23%

Santano II 20%

Portersize Just a Jiff 57%

Most of the Upsilon fans are on Facebook. Tanya will not be happy this is a Twitter vote…unlike the Group 1 issue, Tanya can join. Jiff running away this one, he has had a great year – his best yet. He is loved around the world, and looks like he is heading to the #ERHOTY final.

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Thanks to Jenni Autry and Leslie Wylie for the photos.

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  1. Mr mulry should indeed be winning group 2 a horse of his breeding should not do what he does; that is why eventing is such a brilliant sport. As brave as a lion !

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