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ERQI stands for EquiRatings Quality Index. It is a numeric value which indicates the likelihood of a horse completing the cross country phase of eventing without faults. It appears as a number between 0-1.
ERQIs have been designed to assist Governing bodies and those responsible for the officiating and governance of the cross country phase in eventing.
Everyone recognises that every effort must be made to reduce cross country fatalities.

The ERQI system is powered by data science. It is entirely objective and presents strong correlations between low ratings, XC penalties and falls.

The ERQI system keeps your riders safe, manages horse welfare, helps present a better image of the sport publicly and may even lead to a fall in your insurance costs.

No, the ERQI attaches to the horse. Every horse has a different ERQI for different levels of competition. As the level of competition rises, so too does the risk. The ERQI reduces as the risk increases.
Very few. In Ireland in 2016, just 1.5% of runs were restricted using the ERQI system. Falls at CNC2* and 3* fell however by 56%.

The ERQI prides itself on efficiency.