One of the most important developments in Risk Management seen in the sport, possibly ever. Chris Farr, British Eventing Sports Manager
The EquiRatings Quality Index is one idea which we could adopt immediately. Their system scores every horse at every level and can highlight when riders are trying to run at a level they probably shouldn’t. It seems simple and understandable, there is no opinion – just data and facts. Captain Mark Phillips, Course Designer
The ERQI is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting risk in eventing and endurance, and brings a new layer of insight into the decision-making process at a global governance level.

“Formalising a partnership provides us a platform to move forward with more concrete analysis of the FEI’s data, and gives valuable insight into performance and risk. It also has the potential to contribute greatly to the promotion of our sport and the way it is consumed by fans.”
Sabrina Ibanez, FEI Secretary General

This is the most exciting project I have worked on in my time as Chairman of EI. I think this takes Eventing Ireland into the top leagues of National Governing Bodies who have been using data analysis to promote high performance for some time. Eventing is a risk sport and we will never eliminate all risk but this is a huge step forward into today’s digital world.Georgia Stubbington, Eventing Chairperson 2015
There has been one outstanding addition to rider safety in the last year – the EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI). It operates a simple method to help show at what level a horse and rider should be competing. Without a doubt the evidence is there that its use would have saved lives in the past and therefore the strong probability is that it will save lives in the future.William Micklem

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