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Crowning Eventing's Champion of Champions!

7th and 8th August on CHIO Aachen channels, EquiRatings channels, and

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Download Eventing Manager

Be part of the action. The best events, the best athletes and horses. Your team!


Select your team 

A fixed budget means tough choices! EquiRatings stats & facts are there to help. Then create a private league with friends!


Watch them compete

You've done your bit, now our presenters and analysts will do theirs.  Game on!

Download Eventing Manager

Getting started is quick and easy.
  • Download the Eventing Manager app from your app store (it’s free!)
  • Create your profile (this is super-fast and we don’t need lots of information)
  • Select the event (or events!) that you want to play.

Done! Time to select a winning team…

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Select your team & join a league

You didn’t think we’d let you pick all the obvious ones, did you?! We’ve given you $10 million – spend it wisely!  Then create or join a private league to go head to head with friends, family, or even your favorite brands!

You’ll learn about our stats and metrics the more you play. They’re actually awesome, they just look different and have weird names. We won’t judge you for favouring star signs over metrics, but the leaderboard might!

Let the game begin

When panic kicks-in shortly before the event starts, relax, you can make as many changes as you like until the event starts (we have a market closing countdown).

For live events we will have a transfer window after dressage so you can sack the one that let you down, but be warned, their market value will change depending on performance.

Aside from that, just click on leagues and watch your stars either slump or shine. Bon chance!

Tommy Chimney