Eventing Manager FAQs - Gameplay & Leagues

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How do I set up a private (non-featured) league in Eventing Manager?

Private leagues are a great way to get a group of friends and family together to battle it out.

To set up a private league:

  1. Go to the Leagues tab within Eventing Manager and click "Create or Join a League".
  2. Follow the prompts.
  3. Then, invite friends and family to your league by sharing your league code with them. Your league code will always be visible from within your private league screen, so there is no need to memorize it or note it down elsewhere.

League management:

  • Your private league, with all participants, will carry over from event to event so once you create the league, it's set it and forget it.
  • Players in your league can leave at any time through the "Manage League" option at the upper right corner of your league screen.
  • "Manage League" is also where the league creator can delete the league.

EquiRatings SAP Eventing Manager screenshot of Leagues tab


Tip: Have you checked out the Challenges area of the app (on the Leagues tab)? Where does your private league rank among all the other leagues? Your top 5 player scores count toward your league score so be sure to recruit some savvy friends!


Where can I find what the stats mean again?

You can access the stat definitions any time from within the app

  1. Go to the Market tab
  2. Click on the encircled i (information icon) next to the "Price" header in the market table.
  3. Click through the definition for each stat.

EquiRatings SAP Eventing Manager screenshot of Market Screen Info Icon


What happens if one of my riders withdraws?

If one of your riders withdraws from the event, the value of that combination will remain at their most-recent price. This gives you two options:

  1. Keep the combination on your team. Only your three best scores count, so you can keep the WD as your drop score. Hopefully the rest of your team pulls through!
  2. You can replace the WD combination for a combination of equal or lesser price, or you can make more swaps to your team depending on how you want to use your budget. Don't worry, if you change your mind and want to keep the WD combination, you will be able to add them back onto your team for their current price.

The choice is yours!

Remember: In order for your score to count, you need a full team of four combinations (even if one is a WD, elimination, or retirement).

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