Eventing Manager FAQs - Getting Started

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What is Eventing Manager?

Eventing Manager is a mobile app which lets you take part in live eventing competitions. You pick 4 horse and rider combinations that you think will excel over the weekend (but they come at a price and you're under a budget). How your team does in real life affects how you do in the game, and there are bragging rights and prizes at stake. It's like Fantasy Football, but for eventing.

Select and manage your own eventing team in just a few simple steps:

  1. Download Eventing Manager in the App Store or Google Play. It's free!
  2. Select your team: A fixed budget means tough choices! EquiRatings stats & facts are there to help but you can even auto-select to keep it super simple.
  3. Optional: Create a private league with friends and family or join a featured leagues for more chances to win!

Now, just watch them compete. You've done your bit, now your team will do theirs. Game on!

Tip: In addition to playing the game for live events, we also throw in a simulated competition every now and then!


How do I get and play Eventing Manager?

Getting started is quick and easy.

  • Download the Eventing Manager app from your app store, just search Eventing Manager. It's 100% free!
  • Create your profile (this is super-fast and we don’t need lots of information)
  • Select the event you want to play.
  • Choose 4 horse and rider combinations that you want on your team. You can even click "Auto-select" from the Team screen to keep it super simple. You must pick 4 combinations for your team score to count.
  • Optional: Join a league. You can join private leagues (friends and family) or featured leagues (brands that typically give away prizes).

That's it! Once your team is picked you are all set to sit back and watch how your horses and riders fare over the weekend!

Download for iOS   Download for Android

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