Eventing Manager FAQs - Simulated Eventing

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What is simulated (sim) eventing?

Necessity is the mother of invention. When eventing was canceled, we started simulating the real thing!

Simulated eventing (or sim eventing) was born due to COVID-19 and the halt in eventing at the time. Eventing Manager was built to be played alongside live, real-word events but when COVID struck, we wanted to do something to keep #RidersConnected during quarantine measures. That's why EquiRatings along with SAP and other partners brought eventing online.

For each sim event, we select an entered field (real world combinations thrown together in a simulated pool of competitors). Then, we used EquiRatings data powered by SAP Predictive Analytics to simulate how those combinations could do in the real world. For predictive analysis, we run a simulation 10,000 times, but for Sim Events, we run each simulation just once in order to simulate a single weekend of competition, with all the surprises it can bring.

The simulated results from each phase are then broadcast in a live show. Fans tune in to watch professional commentators give the play-by-play of each phase, complete with leaderboards and special guest interviews from riders and experts (see what we mean in the video below).

And of course, each sim event is played in the Eventing Manager app just like a real event.

We ran 5 sim events from Spring through Winter of 2020. Now, with real-world eventing back, we still have our eyes on special sim events. Stay tuned to our social media or enable notifications from the Eventing Manager app to keep yourself posted on future events, sim and real-world!

What is a live show for a simulated event like?



How do I follow scores for simulated events?

You can see every combination's simulated score from directly within the Eventing Manager app:

  1. Head to the Home screen in the app.
  2. Scroll down to and click on "Results"

Alternatively, you can head to our EquiRatings blog page where the simulated results will be posted.

The live shows will also go through and commentate on the simulated results so you can always follow live on the EquiRatings Facebook page (or check back later - the live shows will be saved under our Facebook videos).

EquiRatings SAP Eventing Manager screenshot of Results link

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