How to Win the 5* Bonus in Eventing Manager

It's simple, really. Download the free Eventing Manager app and play along for each of the following 2021 five-star events: 

  1. Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event (April)
  2. Luhmühlen (June) (to be replaced in the series)*
  3. Burghley (September) (to be replaced in the series)*

If you place in the top 100 players at each of the three events, you win €1000 courtesy of the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast.

We are not talking about your Eventing Manager player rating. We're talking about your team placing at the end of each event. Can your team of four horse-and-rider combinations finish in the top 100 at Kentucky, Luhmühlen*, and Burghley*?  It's a serious possibility that someone will do it. 

What that means:

You have to put yourself in the running from the get-go by playing Kentucky 2021. If you make the top 100 for Kentucky, you are automatically still in the running for the bonus. Pick your team for Luhmühlen*! If you then make the top 100 for Luhmühlen*, you are still in the running!  Finish it off by playing Burghley* and the €1000 could be yours! 

* Due to updated Covid travel restrictions, the Luhmühlen CCI5*-L field was much smaller than expected, negatively affecting gameplay. Additionally, Burghley 2021 has been cancelled. The 5* Bonus Series WILL continue, but the final two legs of the series will be different. We are not yet sure what the replacement events will be. We will email the top-100 Kentucky players and update this page once the Luhmühlen and Burghley replacement events are confirmed. Please stay tuned!

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