How we work with events

Our event services package is designed to deliver maximum exposure for your event whilst giving you exciting, tangible and measurable assets to help you attract and retain sponsors. Our experienced team take care of all the leg work while you get on with the important job of putting on a show to remember.

Add depth & excitement

Story-telling stats
  • Build & keep excitement using stories uncovered in our data.
  • Ensure commentators have intriguing stats and metrics on the horses and riders.
  • Have access to our stat cheat sheets and online Media Centre which is full of stats and info specific to the event.  This exclusive information:
    • Ensures key stories, records and achievements are not missed
    • Prompts popular social media posts
    • Informs event updates from the press
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Build interest

A preview podcast

Have your event previewed in a dedicated episode of the EquiRatings Eventing Podcast which earns circa 3000 unique downloads per episode.

  • Listeners hear what makes your event special, competitor analysis and podium predictions in a data-informed, lighthearted build-up.
  • Hooks to ensure listeners know about and want to follow the event.
  • Updates and reactions through EquiRatings social media videos which can also be featured on your website or socials.

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Ignite curiosity

The SAP Prediction Centre

Powered by SAP, the Prediction Centre uses EquiRatings' statistical modeling to predict the results of your event.

  • Pique the curiosity of fans as they check who the predicted winner of your event is, what the chances are of their favourites earning top 3 or top 10 spots, and who the movers and shakers are after each phase.
  • Feature the Prediction Centre on your website.

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Involve fans worldwide

Fantasy Gaming Apps

Our award-winning fantasy-style apps create a connection between fans and the competition - they are no longer just watching on but actively competing against their friends, other nations and other brands.

  • Featured leagues connect your sponsors to an engaged global sporting audience whilst giving you a valuable asset in your sales toolkit.

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