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Frequently Asked Questions

EquiRatings is a sports data company for equestrian sports.

We are committed to advancing equestrian sports data usage by the media, professional teams, governing bodies and sports at large. Our passion for equestrian sport coupled with industry experience informs the work we do in this space, including the development of predictive models, analytical metrics and utilising multiple data sources. We work across a range of equestrian sports. 

We use a team of analysts and data scientists to study results and quantify risk and performance. We then compile lots of metrics that are significant indicators towards risk and performance. We are obsessed with 'measure and manage'. 

We also do fun stuff like notifying the world when a new record is broken or highlight important achievements of riders, horses and teams.

We measure so that our clients can manage. The most efficient way to lose weight is to know how much you weigh today and how much you want to weigh in the future. Then you compile a programme that involves the consumption of calories (diet) and the burning of calories (exercise) for the duration of the specified period.

This is a classic measure-manage approach that EquiRatings applies to risk and performance. Where are you performing today, where do you want to get to, and where are the most efficient places to make effective marginal gains that can help you to achieve that goal?