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The sport is changing …

The sports data revolution launched a new era in which athlete performance can be measured and assessed using an evidence-based approach rather than a tradition dominated by anecdote and intuition. 

This approach to sports management is driven by the relatively new ability to gather vast amounts of data about athletes. The key is processing the data in meaningful ways.

WEG 2018 and Tokyo 2020 format changes present a massive opportunity for countries to find and maximise a competitive advantage. 

Use data to ...

Why EquiRatings …

Use data to

provide direction and motivation to Eventing High Performance athletes

Use data to

develop and implement a structure and methodology for tracking progress

Use data to

develop target scores for key marker competitions

Use data to

oversee the setting and reviewing of Targets and Key Performance Indicators

Measure and manage performance

All data analysts will help federations measure numbers such that you can begin to manage these numbers. But what are the numbers being measured? And why?

The moment you accept that no two competitions are the same due to dressage judging, cross country difficulty or external conditions such as terrain or weather, the management of the measured numbers loses its value. This is how we differ from everybody and everything else available.

EquiRatings have developed analytics around the Key Performance Indicators that lead to success in eventing. These KPIs are what need to be measured and managed.

What we give you …

Performance Statistics

Objectively analyse your horses and riders’ past performance. Compile your own key performance indicators (KPIs) or avail of those commonly used by the EquiRatings analysts to identify talent and predict performance.

Goal Setting

What if all of your athletes could improve their performance in each phase by 1%? How would you begin to put in place the marginal gains approach and track these targets? We provide the data to empower your athletes to reach new heights.


You may already know the best average dressage scores, the highest clear cross country rate or the lowest average show jumping faults. But was 5th place at one event better or worse that 10th at another? Third-party HPR and selection criteria brings objective and clear targets for rider selection.


We use advanced data mining to develop young horse indicators. These KPIs help us set targets for younger horses and also to identify the types of horses around the world currently on track for future medals.

EquiRatings HPR

A metric that assesses the quality of a performance. Based on algorithms that incorporate the level of competition, the quality of field strength, accounts for dressage scoring behaviour, cross country difficulty in relation to both jumping and time, and also show jumping influence. 


The most powerful and informative number any high performance programme can access. How does 5th place at one event compare to 3rd place in another?

Every expert, rider, coach and selector can and will debate differences in one performance on one day to another performance on another day.

HPR dramatically simplifies the picture and removes much of the ‘noise’ that makes manual comparison almost impossible.

    Why use the HPR?

    Any eventing expert will tell you that winning one four-star is not necessarily the same as winning another. Winning one event may not even be the same as winning the same event a year later, depending on who entered the competition and how conditions played out on the day.

    Finishing scores don’t always paint an accurate picture as dressage scoring can often fluctuate, the cross country time can prove impossible in certain conditions and in varying terrains, and both jumping phases can vary in influence depending on the challenge set by a course designer.

    While many of these factors are noticeable to the trained eye, it is almost impossible to assign a value to each of these aspects without using advanced algorithms. EquiRatings has been developing the HPR over a number of years with a view to producing the most accurate and objective performance indicator ever used in the sport of eventing.

    HPR accounts for …

    Field Strength

    Our algorithms will give you the most accurate assessment of how strong the opposition was, as well as how they performed on the day.

    Dressage Scoring

    Scores at one event seemed to be higher than at another. An expert eye can guide that, but big data analysis can actually quantify it.

    Cross Country Difficulty

    Same venue, same course designer and same conditions do not always result in the same difficulty. So, when all those variables are constantly changing, you need mass tracking systems to gauge precise measurements.

    Speed Ratings

    A fixed speed of 570 metres per minute does not always mean that the optimum time requires the same effort from one event to another. Weather conditions, terrain and course layout can make the difference between achievable and impossible. Remove subjectivity from your assessment and use quantifiable data.

    Show Jumping Influence

    No clear rounds on one day can be different to no clear rounds on another day. Who was producing these faults and how does this compare to what they were expected to do. Remove subjectivity from your assessment and let the data reveal the facts.

    One more

    Something else that makes HPR the best ever

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