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Experience the highs and lows of show jumping on a new level. 

This page is designed as the Jumping Manager hub connecting you to that what, why and how of the app.

About Jumping Manager

What is Jumping Manager?

Jumping Manager is a fantasy-football style game, but for show jumping fans! Access the stats, play the numbers, exercise strategy, or just go with your gut - Jumping Manager has something for the serious player or the casual fan.

What you need to know about Jumping Manager

Frequently asked questions

The in-app numbers

What does Oppostion Beaten Percentage mean? What is this LE4 Rate? Here are the definitions for all the in-app numbers.

What the numbers mean

The detailed rules

How many athletes do I need to select for my team? What happens if one of my athletes withdraws? How is the market populated? How is the player ranking calculated? And much more!

See the rulebook