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Experience the highs and lows of show jumping on a new level. These athletes are riding for you now.


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Download Jumping Manager

Be part of the action as your rally around your team! Download free for iOS and Android.

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Select your team & join a league

Once you pick your team, add to the fun by creating or joining a league with friends, family, and even brands!

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Watch them compete

Game on! Real life outcomes during the live competition will determine your team score. How will your athletes do as the rounds unfold?

Download the app.

Getting started is quick and easy.
  • Download the Jumping Manager app from your app store (it’s free!)
  • Create your profile (this is super-fast and we don’t need lots of information)
  • Select the competition you want to play.

Done! Time to select a winning team…

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Select your team & join a league

We’ve given you stats on each athlete and $10 million – spend it wisely! Lock in your picks early because the more demand for an athlete, the higher their price will go. Then create or join a league to go head to head with friends, family, or even your favorite brands!

You’ll understand the stats and metrics the more you play and we tell you what they mean here and in the app, or you can let your heart lead!

Let the game begin

When panic kicks-in shortly before game time, relax, you can make as many changes as you like until the event starts...if you can still afford to. 

When your team is set, just follow the in-app leaderboards and watch your stars either struggle or shine!


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For FAQs and more, visit our Jumping Manager Knowledge Hub.