Join the thousands of equestrian coaches & teams embracing the power of online video coaching and analysis. 


​Create teams and individual workspaces in a couple of clicks; easily invite riders, other coaches and parents.



Record video in-person, request it from your athletes or import it from the camera roll. Videos are automatically organized by athlete in the Video Library. Offline recordings will save and sync later. 



Seeing is believing! Using voiceover and text, you can provide feedback for riders with drawing tools and slow motion.

Pinpoint areas for improvement and start the improvement loop.

The new normal

Technology has been changing how we deliver services for some time - removing boundaries and opening up new opportunities.

Coaching is no different and we can now use video to coach more effectively, in half the time.

Wherever in the world you are, your riders can submit video to you for your review and feedback. 


Get organised

Every video is tagged, named and stored within the channel of that client. 

To create a business that can grow and scale, or to manage a programme, the administration can really slow down progress. OnForm allows you to import videos or capture within the app.
Store videos in private channels or in your wider group. No more time wasted searching for the right video or the right exercise to share. 

Faster feedback

Voiceover and drawing tools mean communication has never been easier. 

Faster feedback means you can grow your client base without being dragged into the world of spreadsheets, emails and text messages and can begin to build a strong business from anywhere in the world. 

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