The EquiRatings Simple Metrics help eventers set and celebrate milestones.

This page is designed as the Simple Metrics hub. Here you can learn what each metric is, how to calculate it for yourself, and how the Simple Metrics highlight some of the world's best athletes.

About Simple Metrics

What are the Simple Metrics?
Simple Metrics were designed as DIY metrics for eventers of all levels. Once you know your stats, you can set goals, big and small, and track your progress. Knowledge is progress.

The what & why of Simple Metrics

Simple Metrics in action

From Ros Canter's Zenshera and Allstar B, to Michael Jung's young gun, to Japan's jumping sensation - see how the Simple Metrics showcase some of the best eventers in the world. 

Simple Metrics in action

Definitions of each Metric and How to Calculate Your Own

Know your dressage

The dressage 6RA summarises your recent dressage performances, is a good indicator of future performance and acts as a tangible benchmark for improvement. Sam Watson tells you what is and we show you how to calculate it for you and your horse. 

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Know your XC jumping

The XCJ10 and and XCJ10 DTP capture your cross country jumping form while also putting you and your horse's XCJ clear rate into context. Watch a two-minute video explaining these numbers and learn how to work them out yourself.

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Know your XC speed

The True Speed Rating (TSR) and Top Speed Percentage (TSP) tell you how competitive your horse is against the clock. Sam Watson introduces these numbers and we show you how to calculate them.

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Know your show jumping

The SJ6 and SJ6 DTP summarise your horse's recent SJ form and put it into context. Watch a one-minute video introduction to these numbers and learn how to work them out yourself. 

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Know your overall form

The OBP6 captures how well you and your horse have been putting all three phases together, as measured by how competitive you've been. Sam explains the OBP6 and we show you how to calculate it.

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