About the TSR and TSP

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What are the TSR and TSP?

The True Speed Rating (TSR) and Top Speed Percentage TSP) are benchmarking tools for you and your horse's cross country speed.

The TSR is a time penalty average, taking into account only a subset of your recent XC runs because we know that a fast time isn't always the goal on XC day. The TSP puts your XC times into context, accounting for how difficult it was to make the time on a given day.

In a series of one-minute videos, Sam walks you through the TSR, the Speed OBP (an intermediate step), and the TSP.







How do I calculate the TSR?

Your True Speed Rating (TSR) is the average of your horse’s 6 lowest time penalty values from his 10 most-recent XC completions.

  • XC retirements and eliminations do not count as one of the 10 most-recent completions, but rounds with jumping faults do count 
  • 6 of 10 is optimal, but as few as 3 results will work.  If you have fewer than 6 XC completions, average the time penalties from them all.


EquiRatings True Speed Rating example table

EquiRatings True Speed Rating example calculation


How do I calculate the TSP?

The first step for calculating your Top Speed Percentage (TSP) is determining your speed OBP for each of your 10 most-recent XC completions. Sam gives a great real-world example in his one-minute Speed OBP video above and we show you in the example below. Once you have your speed OBPs, you take the average of your top three to get your TSP.

  • When counting the NUMBER OF XC STARTERS YOU WERE FASTER THAN, only count XC starters who either didn't finish the course or had more time penalties than you. Don't count starters who finished with the same number of time penalties as you.
  • A speed OBP is the NUMBER OF XC STARTERS YOU WERE FASTER THAN over a single course divided by the NUMBER OF XC STARTERS over that course, expressed as a percentage. 
  • Looking at your 10 most-recent XC completions is best, but as few as 3 results will work too. In that case, average all 3 of your available speed OBPs.


EquiRatings Top Speed Percentage example table

We now know our speed OBPs for each of our 10 most-recent XC completions.  We will average the three best (highest) speed OBP values to get our Top Speed Percentage (TSP):

EquiRatings Top Speed Percentage example calculation

In this example, your TSP of 91.7% means that, at your best so far, you are faster than 91.7% of your opponents. 

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