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Standouts and Superstars: Highest FOD Rates

We’ve talked about the importance of FOD — Finishing On Your Dressage Score — and now we’re digging into the numbers to look at which horses have achieved the highest FOD Rates in the last decade. Since 2010, 12 standout horses have achieved five or more FODs at three-star and four-star level.

Mr. Bass boasts the best FOD Rate of the group, finishing on his dressage score in 83.3% of his international runs. While he has just six runs at three-star level under his belt, Mr. Bass has finished on his dressage score in five of them. He show jumped clear and then withdrew on the other occasion. It’s an incredible strike rate to prove what we already know – Mr. Bass is a very promising superstar for the future.

Looking to horses with more experience, SAP Escada FRH boasts the best FOD Rate amongst horses with more than 15 career internationals. In 16 runs, this mare has finished on her dressage score an eye-popping 11 times for an FOD Rate of 68.8%, which is the second best on our list. Considering she’s only 12 years old, we expect to see many more standout performances from Escada.

We’d expect to see La Biosthetique Sam FBW on the list as the undisputed top event horse of the last decade. In 27 international runs, Sam has finished on his dressage score nine times for an FOD Rate of 33%. Sam remains the only horse in the modern era to finish on his dressage score at the Olympics, which gave him individual gold medals in London and Rio.

Overall, Germany dominates this FOD list with four names, and the U.S. and Great Britain tie for the next best FOD Rates with three horses each. Australia and New Zealand also have one horse each on the list. Stay tuned as we continue to analyze FODs in 2017 and beyond.

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  1. How do riders fair in this analysis? Surprisingly, there are no French horses in your top 12, despite the successes of the French team in 2016. Is it the same with riders?

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