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The ERQI is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting risk in eventing and endurance. It brings a new layer of insight into the decision-making process at a global governance level. Formalising a partnership with EquiRatings provides the FEI with a platform to move forward with more concrete analysis of our data and gives valuable insight into performance and risk. It also has the potential to contribute greatly to the promotion of our sport and the way it is consumed by fans.

Sabrina Ibanez

Secretary General, Fédération Equestre Internationale

The EquiRatings Quality Index is one of the most important developments in Risk Management seen recently in the sport of Eventing, possibly ever.

Chris Farr

Sport Operations Manager, Former British Eventing

The introduction of the ERQI is the most exciting project I have worked on in my time as Chairman of EI. This takes Eventing Ireland into the top leagues of National Governing Bodies who have been using data analysis to promote high performance for some time. Eventing is a risk sport and we will never eliminate all risk but this is a huge step forward into today’s digital world.

Georgia Stubington

Chairman, Former Eventing Ireland

The EquiRatings Quality Index is one idea which we could adopt immediately. Their system scores every horse at every level and can highlight when riders are trying to run at a level they probablyshouldn’t. It seems simple and understandable, there is no opinion – just data and facts.

Captain Mark Phillips

Course Designer, World Equestrian Games

There has been one outstanding addition to rider safety in recent years- the EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI). It operates a simple method to help show at what level a horse and rider should be competing. Without a doubt the evidence is there that its use would have saved lives in the past and therefore the strong probability is that it will save lives in the future.

William Micklem

Speaker, Writer, Coach, Breeder,

EquiRatings have added the in-depth statistical analysis to eventing that we have taken for granted in racing. It is adding gravitas to the commentary and production that is, at last, bringing eventing in line with other televised sport.

Alice Plunkett

Eventing Live, ITV Racing

Audience engagement is critical for our sport's future and sophisticated sports presentation is a key part of this. As a commentator, the accuracy and fidelity of my facts is very important to me. EquiRatings’data goes beyond simple facts. It provides insights on competitors' previous form and helps contextualise their performance, giving viewers a greater insight into what they are seeing.

John Kyle

Professional Equestrian Commentator,

We work with the EquiRatings team at Badminton and are very pleased with the service they provide to us for our radio and commentary teams as well the international media accredited to the event. The numbers added depth to the information shared and generated considerable interest. It is a great bonus that they know our sport inside out.

Hugh Thomas

Event Director, Badminton Horse Trials

The EquiRatings team have played an important role in the development of our fan engagement strategies at Event Rider Masters. Their intelligent and engaging event previews, reviews and live information during an event, and their valuable presentation contribution to our live output, plays an important role in building and maintaining the excitement around the series.

Jim O'Toole

Chief Executive, Event Rider Masters

EquiRatings proved a huge asset in the planning and presentation of Event Rider Masters, having the ability to look at the numbers behind the scenes proved as valuable as those being released to the public. They have been a great team to work with.

Di Brunsden

Owner, Eventing Live

Tuning into EquiRatings twitter and social media commentary is fast becoming a favourite part of an event for me, the information they are bringing to the public is incredibly informative and is a huge step forward for the sport.

Lucinda Green

Multiple World Champion, Eventing

Anything that makes us smarter about our riders and horses’ performance is a win for us. EquiRatings certainly has helped. Data analysis is critical to being proactive with every element of our High Performance offering, both with the riders and management. EquiRatings and their HPR Ratings have been a key product for us in that area.

Chris Webb

High Performance Director, Equestrian Australia

Our result will be more predictable and consistent by using key performance indicators (KPIs) and measurement tools to ensure our athletes are achieving the best possible results with their horses.Much of the distraction of ‘what does this result or score really mean?’ is disappearing. Our athletesnow have a baseline to understand what they need to achieve with each horse at each competition.

Dr. Rob Stevenson

Eventing High Performance Advisory Group, Chair of the Equestrian Canada

Working with EquiRatings is a huge time saver on reviews and strategic thinking for coaches. Their programmes and insights has freed up time to do more analysis and has enabled us to be more specific with setting our targets.

Sally Corscadden

Ireland, Eventing, Senior High Performance Director