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The Changing Face of Dressage in 2018

Over the last couple of weeks we have been asked a lot about what some of the top dressage scores are going to look like in 2018 and the new records to beat. The removal of the coefficient for 2018 means gone are the days of multiplying by 1.5 to determine international dressage scores.

We have already looked at how CCI4* outcomes in the last decade would have changed without the coefficient so today we turn to the record-breaking and most prominent tests in recent years.

‘Sub 40’ and ‘sub 35’ are phrases we have used regularly at HQ when looking at horses that can deliver exceptional performances in dressage. With the coefficient removed, it is possible that we may even have to stretch to ‘sub 20’ performances!

If we look at 2017 dressage scores without the coefficient, we would have seen two sub 20 scores at three-star level, both set by Bettina Hoy and Seigneur Medicott. The first would have been at Luhmühlen CIC3*, with their score of 26.3 adjusting to 17.5, and the second at the European Championships with their score of 24.6 adjusting to 16.4.

Ingrid-Klimke-and-Horseware-Hale-Bob copy

Ingrid Klimke and Horseware Hale Bob’s score of 36.4 from Badminton 2017 would translate to 24.3 without the coefficient. Photo by Jenni Autry/EquiRatings.

For the 2017 Event Rider Masters season, Thomas Carlile and Upsilon stole the show at Barbury Castle with a dressage of score of 30.8. Without the coefficient, that score would drop to 20.5. The talking point in the ERM commentary box in 2018 is certainly going to revolve around seeing that first ever ‘teen’ dressage score.

Christopher Burton and Graf Liberty posted the best four-star dressage score of 2017 with 32.9 at Badminton, which translates to 21.9 going forward without the coefficient. ‘Sub 25’ certainly feels like it will become a new target for the first phase hotshots, with a total of 10 combinations managing to achieve that benchmark in 2017.

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  1. Ok, you tell us what the record score ‘would have been’… But , what we really want to know is how it ‘would have’ changed the final results .. at least for the top 5 … Please ?!

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