Yogi Bear – One of the Super 7

What makes a GREAT CIC three star horse?

Well, we’ve got 3,967 of them in our database, which began populating in 2010.

Our first criteria is durability, so we selected horses with at least 10 completions. This left us with 245 horses — just 6.2% of the starting population.

Our second criteria was proficiency, so we focused on horses which attained a top-five finish rate above 50%. This also produced quite a reduction, leaving just 38 horses.

Then we set a few Key Performance Indicator (KPI) criteria:

  • Average dressage 45 penalties or lower
  • Clear cross country jumping rate higher than 90%
  • Clear cross country time rate higher than 30%

The result — just seven horses left standing. The remarkable thing about this list is that six of the seven horses on the list have won four-stars. The only exception is Yogi Bear, who ran the last event of his career with Paul Tapner at Hartpury.

Enjoy your retirement, Yogi!

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