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Data Driven Solutions for Equestrian Sports

A team of data scientists, programmers, analysts and equestrians working together to bring new data-driven insights around risk management, team performance and fan engagement.

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The EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI) is a tool used by various federations around the world to identify and then categorise horses competing with above average likelihoods of unsuccessful outcomes. The ERQI system provides a risk rating for every horse at every level of the sport and is used around the world in both Eventing and Endurance.
The High Performance Rating (HPR) is used by Olympic programmes to understand the sport, the comparisons between events, the bench-marking within their own teams and also against other teams. Teams use data to set targets, manage strategy and understand and plan their programmes.
Analytics in equestrian sports are enhancing the live event experience and maintaining fan and sponsor participation. EquiRatings helps events use their data to identify potential revenue-generating ideas for boosting attendance, improving commentary, driving social media engagement and enriching sponsorship opportunities. Our experienced equestrian research team deliver eye-catching statistics, daily previews, media centre updates, commentary notes and social media graphics.
Equestrian brands use EquiRatings to enrich sponsorship opportunities and maximise their exposure with events and sponsored riders – ensuring more tailored advertising to distinct groups of fans. Increase the impact of event sponsorships by using social and traditional media to extend the reach of your brand and advertising investment.
Equestrian federations and teams use the EquiRatings analysts to prepare and support the generation of reports for private and state fundraising. EquiRatings prepare virtual bench-marking (VB) reports to set realistic targets for future Olympic cycles, based on advanced metrics around riders, horses and championship trends.
Our teams are led by athletes. We use science rooted in a deep understanding of equestrian sports. Sam Watson, founder and lead analyst is a professional Irish Event rider who has been ranked in the Top 20 Riders in the world in 2018.
We have grown our team to include data scientists who apply intensive statistical models to identify hidden patterns in the results that correspond to both underperformance or high potential.
Our partnership with SAP presents the opportunity for our clients to explore a wide range of machine learning techniques to generate even deeper scientific insights and recommendations on equine performance.
An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than an all-text article, and infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more than other types of content. We work hard to provide our clients with information the style and format in which they like it. Our design team create data visualisations for social media for easier storytelling.
We are expanding into the training and coaching market with professional video capture and video analysis which connects riders from all disciplines and all levels with the best coaches in the world. The EquiRatings Academy will launch in 2019.

How we do it

Our Metrics

80,000 horses

tracked each week (Eventing)

4 Continents 

Europe, US, Australia, Asia

4 Sports

Eventing, Endurance, Racing, Jumping

38 Million Data Points

contribute to the EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI)

10,000 Athletes

analysed each week

15,000 Fan Predictions

per event on EquiRatings Stacks

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Our Clients

Fédération Équestre InternationaleBritish EventingUnited States Eventing AssociationEventing IrelandEquestrian Australia

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Diarm Byrne

Managing Director

Sam Watson

Product Director

Sean White

Backend Developer

Georgia Patrick

Lead Risk Data Analyst

Sean Murray

Data Scientist

Harry Condron

Full Stack Developer

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