High Performance Analysis

We measure so that managers, coaches and athletes can manage and improve performance while making evidence-based decisions. Here is what high performance managers receive to help maximise their team's chance of success.

High Performance Dashboard

Constant access to your team's performance profile, displayed as interactive visual summaries and easy to understand tables.
  • Athlete performance statistics and metrics
  • Horse performance statistics and metrics
  • Team benchmark calculator
  • Summaries of all 4* and 5* performances across the sport (context)

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Key Performance Indicators

Access to the following indicators of performance for your entire team:
  • Competitiveness using the Eventing Elo, OBP, HPR
  • Scoring ability using Power Score, PB
  • Reliability using XCPI, EXCJ, XCJ10, XCJ Adj
  • Dressage performance using 6RA, EDR, PB
  • Show jumping performance using SJ6, SJ Adj, ESJ
  • Speed using TSR, TSP, EXCT

Our KPIs range from simple to complex, with several metrics that capture real-world influences such as level, course difficulty, scoring conditions and quality of the competition.

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Personalised Analysis & Reporting

What do you want to look at, understand more, gain clarity on?
  • Consultation on which of the KPIs are best-suited to answer your questions, with customised reporting (in addition to the tables and summaries in the High Performance Dashboard).
  • Performance outcome profiles for your athletes. A pre-competition planning and benchmarking tool separate from the HP Dashboard.
  • Reports to support strategic planning and funding.
  • Specialised analyses and research to answer and report on your specific questions, whenever needed.

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