Success won't be easy, but it can be simple.


Five numbers to get you started. 

The most important thing with any big, intangible goal like 'getting better' is making a start. You can start your journey with just one of the Simple Metrics or you can use all five straight away. Once you have that first number, you have a benchmark and the journey of improvement can begin.

The Simple Metrics can be used for a horse or for a rider. They can be used at a single level or across multiple levels. They can be used for just last season or they can go back further. Whatever you decide, keep it simple, because simplicity keeps it useful and powerful.  

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'I'm too busy for this'. 

If you feel too busy to make a plan and set targets, you are probably the person who needs this most. 

Simple Metrics is about training smarter, not harder. 

Simple Metrics will give you the clarity and the purpose which can sometimes be lacking when you feel overwhelmed with how much there is to do. 

What will I be tracking? 

We have a Simple Metric for:

  • Dressage (6RA)
  • Cross-Country Jumping (XCJ10)
  • Cross-Country Time (TSR)
  • Show Jumping (SJ6)
  • Overall (OBP6)
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What can they be used for? 

  • A good summary of recent performance
  • Set realistic and measured goals
  • Focus your training
  • Confidently manage your progress 
Once you have the numbers to measure, the improvement cycle gets real.

How can I get started?

A lot of this depends on you. We could put it all into a nice package and charge money for it, but our goal is to make it accessible to every rider in the world. People who are serious about improvement will take the opportunity to get a marginal gain. Numbers aren't for everyone, we get that, but most of these can be done with just your results page and your phone. Soon, we hope to be able to bring them directly to members of the big federations. We have a series of articles about exactly how to calculate your Simple Metrics and what to do. You can find them here.

Simple Metrics Articles

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