We believe in a better way for equine sports.

From improving performance, guiding Olympic programs, managing risk, or engaging fans, learn what we do and navigate our FAQs.

What do you guys do?

We bring equine sports into the 21st century using data-driven insights. For years, football, golf, the NFL, tennis, baseball and a whole host of other sports have used performance analysis - percentages, ratings, sectional times, expected goals, top speeds, heat maps - the list goes on. This is what EquiRatings do for equine sports. Unlike defaulting to gut instinct alone, we provide evidence-based solutions.

We apply data analysis and data science to four main areas:

    1. Team Performance
      Serving high performance teams and Olympic programs in eventing and show jumping

    2. Risk Management
      Serving the FEI and national federations in eventing

    3. Media Services
      Event Media: Serving event media and commentary teams in eventing; providing storytelling stats and fan experience platforms
      Brand Activation: Serving companies and brands in our fan experience platforms for the eventing community

    4. Fan Engagement
      Serving eventing fans through a popular podcast, the Eventing Manager app, and an active blog

Simple Metrics FAQs

We wanted to make some of our eventing calculations easy to do and transparent so that event riders at all levels could make data-informed decisions. Our Simple Metrics Knowledge Hub answers a lot of questions.

Simple Metrics FAQs

Eventing Manager FAQs

Eventing fans (and their friends) stay glued to a weekend of sport when they are playing along in the Eventing Manager app. Learn what it is and get your questions answered. 

Eventing Manager FAQs

OnForm FAQs

EquiRatings OnForm is the all-in-one app which helps equestrians get organised and streamline their busy lives. Learn more and see the FAQs.